DHE Grade Winchester Parker Brothers Reproduction Side by Side in 28 Gauge

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Gorgeous "Parker Brothers Reproduction" side by side shotgun in excellent condition. These are 1980s production shotguns manufactured to exacting specifications in Japan and are so close to the originals that parts interchange. Shotgun is in superb condition, with no visible blemishes on the stock, forend, or either barrel and only very slight wear on locking lugs from opening and closing. Includes two 28 gauge barrels; the longer barrel has a full choke on the left barrel and a modified on the right, while the slightly shorter barrel has an imp. cyl. choke on the right barrel and a full choke on the left. Shotgun includes an instruction manual, oil bottle, and a set of two snapcaps. The leather case is in great condition and includes a canvas cover.

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Condition: New
Vendor: Gunprime
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